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EHH Student Placements – Ecole Hoteliere Helvetique

EHH Student Placements – Ecole Hoteliere Helvetique

EHH is an institution that understands hospitality management, aviation and culinary arts, we emphasize on the theoretical aspects of learning with an underpinning of practical. The program at EHH gives students the tools and features needed to successfully manage a hotel, airport or restaurant. The course teaches students the basics, from your personal appearance to your interactions with guests and even employees of the organization. These skills are taught to EHH students through courses on human resources, intercultural languages ​​and hospitality. For the aviation sector, the management of airports and a good knowledge of the operation of an airplane.

Finally, in the culinary arts sector, food and beverage management courses are offered to help future students or prospective students wishing to work in the food industry learn the basics of running their own high-end restaurant. or their little coffee. The program goes further to help students with the business aspect of these three sectors. The program includes accounting, marketing and even introduces activities that will build students’ confidence and creativity so that they become the best versions of themselves.

At EHH, practical work accounts for 70%, while theory accounts for 30% of the program. Why? Well, it’s because the theory will give you the basics and knowledge about how these areas work but you have to be the best hotel manager, airport manager or chef? You must be equipped and experienced to handle real-life situations that are unlikely to occur in a classroom and that can be achieved through practical assignments such as internships and internships in the industry.

The 100% placement we have every semester stems from the excellence of our method of teaching. The hotels our students are in include Mövenpick Hotels , Ramada Hotels, Ajman Hotels, Bahi Palace Ajman Hotels, and several other prestigious facilities. We work with our students to provide the best possible quality of education and trainings in the best facilities within UAE and internationally.

Second year students are placed according to the sectors they would like to focus on in the near future. For example, some students will do an internship at Movenpick in the kitchen, which will allow them to develop their skills and experience in running a functional kitchen while others will have the choice to spend time in the rooms division. The knowledge learnt here are important in the professional life. After this experience students will be able to effectively make decisions.

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