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Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts

In today’s world, a great culinary experience is appreciated more than ever before. Through online marketing and word-of-mouth, gastronomy-lovers can share their experiences and even critique them. The art of fine-dining is age-old and has been passed down through many generations. Keeping this in mind, it is pivotal to learn a comprehensive and hands-on course in Culinary Arts.
We provide an exemplary platform for those who are passionate about the art of gastronomy. The EHH Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts experience is your guide to a complete vocational culinary education.

Culinary arts schools Dubai

Why Enroll?

Course Structure

The EHH Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts leaves no stone unturned and includes every aspect of professional culinary customs. We delve into both traditional and international processes for a well-rounded understanding of this art. You will be exposed to current and global trends in the magical world of gastronomy and learn how to apply this knowledge in real-world situations practically.
Through this course, you will be able to learn new skills and knowledge in every lesson. The course is not only limited to the classroom – we have a specially crafted internship program that will benefit your career. Our goal is to create top culinary connoisseurs in the industry and provide you with practical opportunities for placements.

Professional Diploma programs are delivered in three semesters of 5 months each, followed by an internship and an Industry Placement.

The program structure is as follows:


For each semester completed, students will obtain a certificate plus an industry attestation to validate the experience. You will have the option to advance progressively and gain valuable experience.

The magical world of gastronomy is diverse. Through our expertly blended theoretical and practical program, including an internship, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of gastronomy, including the skills required to succeed in this line of work.

Professional Certificate and 5 months Internship

Learning Objectives:

Holistic understanding of gastronomy and accompanying skills. You will learn everything from the fundamentals and food handling procedures to the interpretation of kitchen operations and the primary methods of cookery. The internship program will ensure that you gain experience in Dubai’s high-class restaurants and solve real-world problems to enhance your future career as a chef.


  • Nutrition
  • Fundamentals of Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Implement the enterprise HACCP plan
  • Apply appropriate food handling procedures
  • Interpretation of kitchen operations and food items
  • Master the basic methods of cookery
  • Establish Vegetables, Eggs and Farinaceous

This semester, we delve deeper into standard dishes served in a fine-dining setting. You will hone and polish your skills until you become a top-class chef through practical and theoretical teachings.

Professional Certificate and 5 months Internship

Learning Objectives:

Produce high-quality, fine-dining dishes by learning how to procure the best ingredients and the best techniques of preparation. You will get the chance to perfect your skills through a professional internship.


  • Prepare Stocks, Soups and Sauces
  • Construct Appetizers, Salads and Sandwiches
  • Produce and Cook Poultry and Game
  • Produce, Select and Cook Seafood
  • Produce, Select and Cook Meat
  • Plan and Compose Foods for Buffet
  • Pastry and baking

The final step into becoming a master of the Culinary Arts is polishing the management skills of your most important asset – your kitchen. To step into the professional world, you will need to understand how to create a great menu and the costing behind it. This is what our fusion of practical and theoretical exercises will teach you. At the end of this semester, you will create a feasibility study – an Integrated Project – to display the translation of academic knowledge into real-world applications and present this to a panel of professionals for evaluation.

Professional Diploma:

Hospitality Operations and Management an Integrated Project

Learning Objectives:

Plan, prepare and control menu based catering in a commercial operation. We give you a head-start in your career by imparting the knowledge and skills of effective catering control.


  • Plan and Control Kitchen Management
  • Collect and collate menu planning
  • Food Costing Management
  • Determine Menu Cost
  • Produce Menus
  • Menu History
  • Control Food production
  • Apply security in food production
  • Technology in Catering