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Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique hosts Leading Hospitality Schools from India.

In keeping with Dubai’s tourism vision, EHH – Hospitality is currently engaging in several initiatives to wholeheartedly support the realization of this vision. As we near 2020, the need of the hour is to garner the tourism sector to its fullest potential to deliver truly amazing products and services.

Dubai and DIAC in particular today provides world class learning opportunities in a variety of disciplines, in a safe, secure environment to the student community.   

EHH, specializes in the whole spectrum of Tourism value chain from Hotel Management to Culinary Arts and Gastronomy to a varied portfolio of Aviation related programs. This, coupled with the Swiss emphasis on live practical learning, delivers candidates that are confident, enthusiastic and rearing to take tourism sector to a whole new ethos. This positions EHH as one of the very few hospitality schools that provides this combination.

In recognizing Dubai’s keen position as a tourism hub, educational institutions from around the globe are eager to visit and learn from Dubai’s success stories. EHH is spearheading this initiative by inviting global students to live the Dubai Experience. EHH Dubai Campus, recently hosted one of the leading hospitality schools in India, DY Patil School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies. During the visit, EHH and DYP students engaged in an intensive joint study workshop, discussions, group activities, visits and so on.

During the workshop, students explored Dubai’s recent announcement of setting a new Tourism target of 23-25 million visitors by 2025.

Students undertook the studies in four primary dynamics of the initiative,

a) Actions by government entries to collaborate in making this a reality

b) Source markets and factors that will drive this target

c) Concepts, attractions and events that are needed to realize this target

d) The potential inhibitors or challenges to realization

A record-breaking number of international travelers flew into Dubai in 2017, further cementing the city’s position as one of the leading tourist capitals in the world. India presently leads the top 10 list of source tourism market with an excess of 2 million visitors in 2017. These EHH initiatives are anchor events that provides added impetus to primary sources markets such India and others.

The DYPUSHTS students were further treated to a sumptuous lunch at Sofitel and enjoyed the rest of the evening networking with the EHH teams and students.

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