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Emirates Launches Flight from Dubai to Santiago de Chile

Emirates Launches Flight from Dubai to Santiago de Chile

Santiago, Chile: The latest Emirates itinerary was inaugurated on July 5th with its freshly refurbished Boeing 777 to Santiago de Chile after flying nearly 15 hours to Sao Paulo, Brazil and beyond (3 hours 50 minutes). The new service will allow Emirates to travel five times a week to Sao Paulo, in addition to the current daily A380 flight between Dubai and Sao Paulo. In total, Emirates will now fly 12 times a week to Sao Paulo.
The inaugural trip also marks the high investment that Emirates is currently making on the continent. Santiago is Emirates’ fourth direct destination on the South American continent, but the airline has been strong in the region through partnerships with major carriers such as LATAM and Gol. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires are the other three Emirates direct destinations.
At a press conference in Santiago, Hubert Frach, Divisional Vice President of Foreign Business Operations at Emirates, said: “Our inaugural flight had a capacity of 80% and this route looks very promising for Emirates. Reservations for July reached 80% capacity, plus a few days in the month. ” Given that all flight time, including the one and a half hour stop in Sao Paulo, is about 20 hours, Emirates has a lot of work to do to promote UAE and GCC travelers .
When asked about the importance of the stopover in Sao Paulo, Brazil was for the route in terms of inter-city traffic and Dubai traffic Scott Lanz, the UAE’s director in Chile told Gulf News: “Currently, many reservations Sao Paulo and Santiago because these markets are well known and there are many journeys back and forth, but our job here is to tell the Chileans what to do. in Dubai and all the United Arab Emirates, and so encourage travel to Dubai on Emirates.”
In 2017, a memorandum of understanding between Chile and the United Arab Emirates was signed, removing visa requirements for passport holders from either nation traveling to each other.
“We expect the first groups of Chileans to take this route to Dubai and come back to share their stories, as they will not need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates.” We also expect UAE residents to travel to Chile – the longest country in the world has one of the most diverse terrain and geography for people to travel year-round for different types of travel, ” did he declare.
Source: Gulf News

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