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Our Vision



This program is inclusive of airport visits, classroom sessions, meetings with industry experts and a world-class group project.


Swiss Certification

Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique – Aviation Business Certificate will be awarded to all participants gaining 75% or higher on all course activities. Distinction is awarded to participants gaining 95% and above This course is counted towards achieving Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique – Aviation Studies Diploma.

EHH - Aviation Business Certificate


Course Overview

  • Aircraft weight and balance
  • Dangerous goods and passenger
  • Airport terminologies and systems
  • Airport safety management systems 
  • Airport units and their functional responsibilities
  • Airline internal structure and business strategies
  • Airline functions and procedure of passenger aircraft handling

Understanding the Industry


The Aviation industry and airlines cannot exist without one another. The billion-dollar industry is utterly reliant on the airlines business. Did you know? In 2015, nearly 3.6 billion passengers were transported by the world’s airlines. Moreover, approximately 62.7 million jobs are currently supported due to the airlines and the aviation industry. Through the Aviation Studies Airlines course, we will teach you all there is to know about the fast-paced world of an airline business.


The aviation segment is one of the fastest growing industries in the region. Lower transit times, coupled with a higher demand for flights, and has catapulted the business and leisure travel sector. Moreover, there has been a spike in demand for air freight services due to globalization and shorter product life-cycles. As such, the aviation industry is on the look-out for well-trained professionals who are adept at tackling issues and challenges in a professional manner


The heart of Aviation industry starts from Airports. Airports have considerably evolved overtime through significant leaps and advancements in operations, technology and more. Dubai, specifically, runs one of the busiest airports in the world, with nearly 2,000 flights passing by every day. The industry is on the lookout for skilled professionals who are always on their feet and well-equipped with the right knowledge to make a mark in the industry.


Majority of the action in the aviation industry happens on the ground. Handling agents are the workhorses at an airport and play an essential role in shaping the customer experience. The EHH Aviation Studies – Ground handling course sculpts premier ground-handling staff for busy airports. Coordination and security are two major elements to dispatch an aircraft on time during a scheduled stopover.

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